Relational Magic: Embodied Meditation (formerly "Belly to Belly")


Remember falling asleep in your lover's arms?

Or the amazing grace of having a baby melt into your chest?

Or talking deep into the night with your dearest friend ... and the blessed relief of not needing to hold anything back?

This precious state of intimacy and connection is only a few breaths away.

Relational Magic is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and softens our fears.

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What's behind relational magic?

Relational Magic is a deceptively simple process that rests on multiple dimensions of neurobiology, pranayama, focused sensory awareness, tantric ritual, intimate communion, witness consciousness, sound entrainment, sequenced relaxation, psychological regression, shadow work, neuro-linguistic programming, wizardry and primate zoology.

The exercises are designed to dissolve the Western experience of separate self into rhythmic waves of sensation and feeling that are shared with a partner in real time.

What results is a profoundly felt sense of peace and connection, a natural biochemical high that neuro-mirrors intimate love, meditative samadhi and mystical oneness.

In groups, we focus on generating intimacy, emotional openness, and physical presence in a safe, slow, guided non-sexual way. We reawaken our primal need for human connection, animal to animal, body to body, heart to heart, without the stress or uncertainty of sex. By trusting our bodies and each other, we reclaim our original innocence... and remember we are safe.



What to expect?

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The primary practice is done in pairs, laying down side by side, clothing on, while engaging slow deep breaths with a sound on the exhale. You’ll make physical contact with your partner at a level that feels comfortable and relaxed for you both, minimally holding hands and touching knees or feet. Some people enjoy closer cuddling, and some prefer a more spacious embrace. It’s up to you. You’ll get the chance to pair with 3-4 different people over the course of the afternoon. Partnering can happen in any combination of gender, orientation, and age.

Note: We changed the name of the practice from "Belly to Belly," because bellies don't normally touch.


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