We are waking up. Every experience we have is a doorway into this awakening.  Every condition is a potential friend that we can meet with breath, tenderness, kindness, and curiosity.


This waking up can be a challenge.

We feel sad or depressed, scared or lonely.  Or we jump from extreme highs to extreme lows and back again.  Whether it’s work, or health, or relationship or our daily habits, we get stuck in repetitive patterns of addiction or unconsciousness, and though we “know better,” we don’t seem to be able to “unstick” consistently.

The tools for gently navigating our inner terrain are lodged in our own bodies, where immense wisdom, energy, and kindness abide.

Through our interactions, either in one-on-one sessions, or in group workshop settings, you can be guided into your tender edge- to remember your wholeness and innocence, and to find specific answers to many of your questions within your body. 

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The tender edge is the sweet spot on the threshold of our comfort zone, where we are anchored in safety as we step into the unknown. In this sweet spot, discomfort can become excitement and curiosity, and patterns can unwind, giving rise to new awareness, energy, and insight.


Problems cannot be solved on the level of the consciousness that created them. The mind can’t stop the mind. As we relax into a deep state of let-go, through breathing, movement, sound, talk, and touch, the real magic of guiding can happen.

I offer guiding sessions for individuals and couples, and facilitate workshops, all focused on providing gentle opportunities for people to remember themselves, to navigate through the myriad places where they might feel unconscious or stuck, to find the wisdom within their own bodies.

This orientation toward increased consciousness and body wisdom also infuses my workshops on public speaking and coaching, helping participants access their own on-stage authenticity, to help inspire others.

In this presentation to school teachers, I talk about the difference between navigating from the head and from the heart. Though I speak about students, the principle applies equally to people of all ages and situations, and is a focus in my workshops and one-on-one guiding sessions.”


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