An Evening with Rick Smith

“You can feel Rick’s heart enter the room before he does! His courageous and authentic vulnerability opens the space to be yourself without question or judgment.  Thanks Rick- what a great evening.”

– Nicola

“Tonight’s session with Rick Smith is totally engaging and ‘mind-blowing.’ It has brought me out of my comfort zone and being able to discover more about my hidden self which has been kept in darkness for a long long time. Thank you Rick for a wonderful evening.”

– Lucy Cheah

“Rick was unnervingly awesome. He managed to help me and the group get below the surface, connect with ourselves and each other. I learned a lot! Thank you!”

– Craig

“Rick has a gift for facilitating with audacious tenderness, it’s beautiful being in his presence and experiencing his commitment to personal transformation.”

-Miroslav Petrovic



Cultivating Inner Authority: Manifesting Our Genius

“I feel honored…Very humbled.. I have experienced huge transformation. Deep reverence for your gifts. I feel touched so touched and healed in so many ways.

I sense intuition has awakened once more… feminine honored in ways that I have unknown before, and fear that has transformed to a love that has blossomed within. I have never experienced such honoring before and don’t understand how I have lived without touch for so many years.

Thank you for creating a safe container for this exploration to meet my edge and move beyond. I didn’t understand vulnerability now I know the value. I bow to the sacred masculine and know that both reside within.”

– Liz
“Wow- really sustainable work you offer.  So grateful and happy to have someone that teaches exactly how they are.”

– Adam Rankin, Artist and Energetic Sound Activator


Relational Magic (formerly Belly to Belly)

"Rick provides an amazing safe space to explore your boundaries, edges and opportunities for expansion. Wonderful!"

– Ed
“Towards the end of the session, I felt an incredible sense of oneness and connectedness. The facilitator created a safe space for everyone to open up and shine, dance, breathe, and dive deep into who we are. Thank you for your offering and gift!”
"Beautiful. Safe. Contained. Relaxed. Highly recommended. Will be back."

– Cam
“One of the most extraordinary experiences of my life, I will always remember, to purely see myself and others divine.”

– Ambrose
“A really enlightening experience that words simply won’t do justice. Do yourself a favor and come and experience this for yourself.  I can’t wait for the next"

– Kevin Wilkinson
“A rich and rewarding experience that took me into a place of deep calm and embodiment. Love this work! Gratitude.”

– Esther Roitman
“Your ability for holding a safe space is unique and I feel very welcome and seen. Your very focused and precise guidance makes it easier to let go of the mind and be fully in the present moment."

– Christian Schachner


Making Friends with the Noises in Our Heads

“Rick did an amazing job of holding the space and facilitating. Everything about it worked.  The exercises were powerful yet simple.  Instructions very clear.  Pacing excellent.  Music supportive of exercises.”
“Rick embodied the vulnerability for me to go into my self more deeply.  I was awed that other people think and feel like me-  Surprised, I have new tools to be friends with myself.  Thank you.  Rick, you are good at this.  Deeply good.”
“I opened my heart, was welcomed by the community and nurtured.  Thank you Rick!!”
“Rick is an awesome facilitator – such gentle permission, yet so powerful.”
“This was a truly nurturing experience. The activities Rick chose for us were relevant, powerful and useful, but more than anything, his mere presence and intention created a safe container that felt very natural. He articulated difficult concepts gracefully and shed light on topics that could have otherwise seemed too difficult to broach. One of the best workshops I've ever attended.”
“It was extremely transformative, loving & powerful.  I feel like my life will be better.”
“Rick is the best I’ve ever seen at creating a safe environment for people to be truly vulnerable in.”
“Excellent concepts, clarity, authenticity, humor in instructor. Real!”
“The facilitation was excellent.  Rick held the space extraordinarily well and the material was profound and transformative.”
“Rick, you’re an amazing healer.  Blessings!"


Presenting and Coaching from the Heart
(from Leaders of Facilitator Trainings)

“No matter your experience in facilitating groups, Rick will give you ways to improve that are easy to understand and simple to integrate. His approach is humorous and thoroughly detailed. Not one minute is wasted. Working with him has improved my ability to keep my students engaged and eager to seek their excellence. With his encouragement, sharp mind, and even sharper wit, you are guaranteed take-aways that will uplift your offerings, increase your presence, and bring you closer to mastery.”

– Anthony Abbagnano, Founder, Alchemy of Breath


"Rick's refinement and mastery of guiding groups into heart opening territory is unparalleled. I've been leading and assisting yoga teacher trainings for over 10 years. Rick managed to condense what usually takes weeks of ice breakers, practice teaching, and philosophy of holding space into a highly packed experiential 2.5 hour segment. Through his highly skilled approach. I witnessed the group blossom, their confidence as teachers increase ten-fold, their posture in front of a room transform as they stood in their own center, all teaching authentically from the heart.

He was sensitive, funny, spontaneous, and kept them feeling supported while inviting them to lean into the uncomfortable territory of transformation. It was an honor to witness, I learned a lot myself which I will carry forward in all my teaching, and I will undoubtedly invite Rick back for my future trainings. I cannot overstate the positive effect his segment and presence had on individual and group dynamics. I highly recommend him for any training which teaches people how to hold space and teach/share from their authenticity."

- Greg Kaps, Yoga Instructor, Yoga Barn. Sacred Heart Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Barn


“Rick was a guest speaker at our month-long facilitator training.  His work with voicing and presence was pivotal, both for me and for my students. His approach is simple, elegant, incisive and deeply human. In just a few short exercises, I was able to meet my core resistance and to find graceful, centered power to allow my natural radiance to shine in front of a group.”

– Samantha Sweetwater, founder of Dancing Freedom
"Rick Smith is a world-class, expert educator. I brought him into my Breath of Bliss Facilitator Training program. My trainees were able to ask him specific questions about complex issues which arose during their first teaching experiences. He provided authentic, powerful and heartfelt methods to powerfully impact students in a much more profound way.     

Every single trainee in my group said they got a profound benefit from his two-hour seminar, and wished that we had more time. Rick’s style is engaging, personal, and very participatory. It was extremely practical and hands-on.

Rick’s willingness to reveal his own challenges and learning experiences really helped normalize their challenges and inspired them to continue. He guided the facilitators into an embracing of the unknown, as a way into their own vulnerability and self-love, as well as into a deeper connection with their students. His focus on the continuum of “inner-apology” and “inner authority” helped put teaching into a simple framework, allowing facilitators access to practical tools for “exercising the muscle” of their own inner authority.

Finally, Rick offered simple steps that they could take to develop their breathwork businesses, avoiding the overwhelm and stress that often accompany starting such a new venture.

Rick also made himself available for private sessions, which many of my students booked and greatly benefited from.

I am super grateful to Rick for this profound workshop and hope you will consider taking advantage of his mind-blowing, heart-expanding expertise."

– Christabel Zamor
   Founder, Breath of Bliss


Presenting and Coaching from the Heart
(from Participants)


Testimonial from Leyolah Antara

"As Rick promises in his introduction, this class is full of “stuff you can use!” You’ll walk away not only with tips for holding space and how to rock at public speaking, but with an embodied knowing of your unique gift to the world – that allows you to express yourself with ease and magic. This class is a must for anyone who wants to teach, speak, share, or shine in an extraordinary way."

– Robin Sparks
"I attended Rick's presentation workshop yesterday and found it extremely helpful. I am an experienced facilitator, coach, presenter and I immediately came home and adjusted my material for what now feels like a much more authentic and flowing piece. Rick's experience and ability to hold such a safe and welcoming space made it easy to push myself just outside my comfort zone and learn SO MUCH more. Thank you Rick. I LOVE your work."

– Dean Powell
"Rick creates a safe and exciting space. He embodies so wholeheartedly what he shares. Rick managed to ignite both an individual and a group dynamic that paved the way for a strong transmission.

His talent at combining powerful techniques and anecdotes with gentle situational exercises made it a memorable and transformative experience for me. Thank you so much Rick."

– Julien Desmers
"It was an absolute pleasure taking Rick’s workshop. He gracefully embodied his teachings with humility, professionalism, and compassion. Rick is devoted to providing a content rich and engaging experience for all. I walked away with a multitude of practical strategies to enhance my facilitation with groups. I highly recommend his teachings."

– Tracey Abbott
“I'm utterly grateful for Rick's presenting workshop. Not only did I learn LOADS of useful tools to improve my presenting skills, I felt really safe to be open, which enabled me to absorb as much wisdom as possible. I would highly recommend his work if you'd like to up your presenting game, as Rick is full of practical knowledge that will help your clients/audience to get the most out of you.”

– Zia Nichols
“The workshop was and is invaluable. It’s going to be easier to present from an inner authority now that I feel a keener sense and acceptance of that which is me. Thank you - an amazing experience and education!”

– Sarah Gajek


Individual Guiding Sessions

“Amazing how much was held by my body, bringing awareness into its release yesterday. On an internal level, I have been feeling subtle shifts in perception and like I am engaging differently with my world, a deeper sense of joy and richness is present.

I feel more in my power… without resorting to ‘force.’ I want to honor the incredible work that you do, highly intuitive, deeply connected and held with integrity! Thank you Rick!"

– Isabella


Presentation Skills Coaching

“Rick came to observe me whilst teaching anatomy to a class of 30 yoga students, and we met again later to debrief. Rick’s feedback was positive, constructive, practical, reflective and thought provoking. I found this time very helpful with how to create more interactive learning time with students, and how to structure and present information to help the students engage in learning. After meeting with Rick, my teaching was immediately different and improved. Students remarked on the changes and wanted to know where I got my ideas.”

– Rachel Ellery: Anatomy and Movement Educator
"The deepest teaching I received through your presence and wisdom was to step into my deepest vulnerability, and share with my participants from there without identifications, masks, or roles as a facilitator."

– Matthias Schwenteck, International Facilitator for Trauma Healing and Sexual Empowerment