The Tender Edge: Finding Unconditional Love in All of Life’s Conditions


“Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.”

We all long for wholeness, love, and inspiration. We all want to be seen, received and welcomed as we are. We all want to say a full yes to Life, while honoring our need for safety.

  • How do we access our vulnerability and our authentic power at the same time?

  • How do we grow into deep presence and inner authority?

  • How do we bring tender self-love into areas that challenge us, such as money, sex, and relationship

  • How do we be of service in the world, while leading from our compassionate hearts?

The Tender Edge is a seven-day retreat that offers an exploration of these questions.  Through carefully crafted exercises, we can slow down to the speed of love, listen deeply to the wisdom of their own bodies, and find our authentic presence, breathing in kindness. We can discover that the conditions of our lives, rather than being problems, are doorways into a profound love of self and others.


The Tender Edge: Finding Unconditional Love in All of Life's Conditions

The Ark Resort

May 14-20
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Cost: 1,270 $US

Early Bird Cost: US $1,070
Available before April 21


In this seven-day retreat, learn keys for embodying authenticity, love, and leadership:

  • Grow from inner apology into inner authority

  • Find the sweet spot within where vulnerability, creativity and power reside

  • Bring deep presence into the body

  • Explore “No” as a prerequisite to “Yes”

  • Welcome and make friends with the shadow

  • Reclaim a healthier relationship with money, sex, power, relationship, and self-expression

  • Hone communication and public speaking skills:

    • Be authentic, even if you’re nervous and feeling vulnerable

    • Move from performance to expression; information to inspiration; “paint-by-numbers” speaking to true artistry

  • Gain tools for accessing and sharing your love and kindness, as you do your service in the world


Throughout the retreat, our gatherings will be dynamic, heartfelt, and fun. 

For your brain and body to learn and transform, it’s better that you be active, not just listen. The key is to receive your own wisdom in your own body.  The structures provided are geared for this, and will include small groups, breathwork, movement, touch, writing, public speaking, authentic relating dialog, yoga and meditation.

Our retreat will focus on:


Accessing Source

  • Deepening Inner authority through authenticity

  • Foundations of embodiment: finding wisdom in the body


  • Public Speaking as a doorway into presence and the tender edge

  • Interpersonal communication, authentic relating


  • A more positive relationship with money, sex, and power

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Making friends with the noises in our heads

  • Staying centered in the wind of experience

Experiencing Bali

  • Excursion time in and around Ubud

  • Water temple visit for purification and celebration

Retreat Details:

Early Bird (before April 21, 2018)

USD $1070 (shared accommodations)

Regular Price

USD $1270 (shared accommodations)

Note: Private accommodations are available at an extra cost.  Please email us for more information.

Price includes:

  • Luxurious shared accommodations

  • Delicious breakfast and lunch meals each day

  • Welcome and Celebration dinners

  • Yoga/movement classes each day

  • Inspiring daily activities including workshops, a water ceremony, and excursions in Ubud, Bali

Price does not include:

  • Transportation/airfare to/from Ubud, Bali

  • Transportation to/from The Ark

  • Dinners during the middle four nights of the retreat (Ubud has great restaurants!)

  • Extra days of accommodation before or after the retreat

The Ark - Retreat Space

The Ark is a warm welcoming home, providing the setting for you to share, learn, heal and grow – where you can meet and connect with like-minded souls; opening your heart and feeling held by a loving community.

The retreat will be at the Ark. The space is gorgeous, located away from the busyness of central Ubud, yet still close enough to explore its offerings, if you ever want to leave. It is backed onto an undisturbed valley, surrounded by jungle, pristine rice fields, lush gardens, the healing sounds of nature, and an incredible heaven full of stars at night. It has a large yoga shala for group meetings, and a selection of luxurious suites, rooms, and apartments. The large pool and infra-red sauna are available for guests throughout the retreat. 

Included in the retreat are delicious vegan breakfasts and lunches every day, as well as a welcome and goodbye dinner. Our Balinese cook and raw food chef will prepare a variety of healthy Balinese cooked food and raw food for you to enjoy. For the other evenings, you can explore the diversity of local restaurants in the area. There are also healthy juices, snacks, and raw vegan chocolate for sale.

The Facilitators


Rick Smith

Rick has been a classroom teacher, an education consultant, and over the past twenty years, has spoken to over 100,000 people in fifteen countries on five continents. His best-selling book Conscious Classroom Management has now sold over a quarter million copies, and continues to touch the lives of teachers and their students. You can find out more on his other website:

Throughout these past twenty years, Rick has also been teaching workshops in consciousness, embodiment, personal growth, and meditation. He now brings his experience in teaching to these workshops, offering practical ways for participants to know and love themselves, and to remember their own innocence and wholeness. He is especially adept at supporting people to remember and love themselves in those places where they are particularly challenged. 


Robyn Lynn

Robyn Lynn is an Embodied Intimacy Coach with an emphasis on bringing the skills of mindfulness and meditation to the art of relationships, awakening to our everyday eros. She is also the creator of Wisdom Bones, an expressive movement and story-telling practice used in groups as a way to access and reveal our deepest truths and inspirations. 

She has been facilitating “Relational Magic,” a body-based meditation practice for the past three years, and is a certified yoga teacher with a thousand hours teaching experience.

Rick and Robyn are married and currently live in Bali, Indonesia with their wonder-dogs, Emma and Samson.


The Tender Edge: 
Finding Unconditional Love in All of Life's Conditions

The Ark Resort
May 14-20
Ubud, Bali

Cost: 1,270 $US
Early Bird Cost: US $1,070
Available before April 2


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