It involves deep listening, and a willingness to drop our agenda and focus on what is needed.


As a leader, you want your natural aliveness to be your guide. You want to be grounded in integrity in a way that is organic, relaxed, and effortless. You want to step through any self-imposed limits or ceilings. This is the retreat for you.

At this 7-day retreat December 1-7, 2019 in Ubud, Bali we focus on embodying inner authority and deep presence.


Here, we embrace the innocence
and wholeness of our tender hearts. Through carefully crafted practices, we bring unconditional love to the conditions of our lives, allowing
our unique genius to manifest.


The focus will be on practical tools for awakening
and leading from the heart.


During this retreat, you will:

  • Increase your capacity for leadership

  • Welcome and integrate shadow parts of yourself  

  • Uncover and enhance your unique genius

  • Deepen self-love, love of others

You will also receive:

  • Facilitation and coaching tips, including how to work with challenging participants

  • Communication techniques for resolving conflict

  • Front-of-the-room skills & practices

  • A toolkit of strategies for continuing to welcome yourself and others more deeply

  • A road map for increasing your business and service in the world


Retreat Schedule: December 1-7, 2019


Morning/Afternoon Sessions are:

  • Tools/technique sharing

  • Group interaction and games

  • Solo/pair communication activities

  • Lecture, application, integration processes

  • Front of the room practice and guidance

  • Group sharings

  • Q&A sessions


Morning Movement Practices include:

  • Yoga

  • Dance

  • Movement Meditation


Evening Activities include:

  • Traditional Balinese Dance Performance

  • Small Group Connection Games

  • Nurture Pods 

  • Dance / Movement



  • This retreat will include 2 half-day excursions to: 

    • A Waterfall Adventure

    • Balinese Purification Ceremony at the Water Temple


The Space and the People

The Awakened Leadership Retreat will be held December 1-7, 2019 at the Samyama Retreat Center in Ubud, Bali.

This green paradise is divided by deep jungle ravines and majestic waterfalls, and speckled with intricate stone temples. It is easy to see why it is known as , “The Island of the Gods”.

Ubud is a special town in many ways. It has historically been a great source of inspiration for people tapping into their creative and spiritual potential. Many come here with a passion for healthy living and drawn by the abundance of vegan/vegetarian/raw food cafes. And more still come for the art galleries, local culture, and dance/yoga workshops around Ubud.

Samyama Retreat Center

Located just south of Ubud near Pelangi School and Titibatu health club, Samyama is a quiet and lush center open to the elements. It is known in the area as a spiritual hub where people from all over the world come to embody their practices in a peaceful and supportive environment.

In addition to the shalas we will use for the Awakened Leadership Retreat, the center has facilities which include a sauna, ice bath, massage, and a healing lounge.


Meals + Lodging

Meals will be provided by Eat.Co Bali at the Samyama Retreat Center. Healthy vegan dishes are prepared with local ingredients. Our mindful chefs shares their love for healthy eating and living with our attendees throughout each retreat. Gluten-free options available. The meals provided will include 6 Breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 2 community dinners.

Jalan Cempaka, MAS, Ubud

Jalan Cempaka, MAS, Ubud

Lodging will not be provided by the Awakened Leadership Retreat. Affordable lodging is available at Samyama as well as various Airbnb’s nearby. If you would like to be within walking distance, search for locations in “Jalan Cempaka, MAS, Ubud”.

As the retreat draws nearer, we will be posting details about other nearby lodging on our Facebook event page.


Retreat Pricing

Early bird: $795 (before September 15th)
General: $895

Contact us for payment details at:

ART group photo --.jpg

A safe space for people
to explore themselves.

Open minded & open-hearted community to learn and grow beside.

ART group photo APRIL 2019.jpg

Awakened Leadership Facilitator: Rick Smith

I’ve been a classroom teacher, an education consultant, and over the past twenty years, have spoken to over 100,000 people in fifteen countries on five continents. 

My best-selling book Conscious Classroom Management has now sold over a quarter million copies, and continues to touch the lives of teachers and their students (

Rick at bsf II.jpg

Through years of working with students and then with teachers, I discovered simple principles for connection, aliveness, and kindness.

The same internal muscle that allows a teacher to stay calm in a chaotic classroom, and that allows her to see the best in her students, regardless of what they look or act like, is the same muscle that allows us to awaken, to lead, to stand up, and to move mountains in the world.  

These principles and approaches are at the core in my current workshops and retreats.  When I teach and facilitate, I offer practical ways for participants to know and love themselves, and remember their own innocence, wholeness, and “enough-ness,” especially in all the tight corners of their inner and outer worlds.  I live and share tools and skills that assist us all on the pathway back to unconditional self-love and acceptance.

I currently live and teach in Bali, Indonesia.”


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